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Published on Jun 12, 2023

Jules the Pool Girl

We do a lot to maintain our commercial bodies of water. We have to brush, vacuum, remove debris, clean the filters and the salt cell (if applicable) and keep logs of our results. The most important thing we have to worry about is proper water chemistry. All of these things make a clean, clear, inviting pool.  Most importantly, it makes for a safe body of water. We don’t want anyone getting sick from our swimming pools and spas. We also don’t want to get our body of water shut down due to unbalanced water.

pool chemistry calculator

The Importance of Balanced Pool Water

Why is balanced pool water so important? We already touched on the safety aspects of pool chemistry maintenance. Balanced poo water including sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid all need to be in range. Not only does this protect our bathers, but it helps protect our pool’s surface, plumbing, and even the equipment. Nothing will destroy a heater faster than corrosive water. Using the Langelier Saturation Index is the best and most effective method of determining if our water is neutral, corrosive, or scale-forming. With neutral being 0, we want to be 0.15 points in either direction for ideal water balance. 

We Have Our Pool Test Results. Now What?

Test, test, test! We are required by law to test our pool water often. Depending on health code regulations in your area, this could be once a day or as often as once an hour! There are several methods to test our pool water. We can choose from a variety of testing methods. Test strips are not allowed as a testing method on commercial pools. So, we can choose from tablet test kits, reagent test kits, digital testers, or Spintouch. My favorite is the Spintouch.

When you pair your Pool Shark H2O App with the LaMotte Spintouch, you are gifted with accuracy and ease. To utilize the lab, you take a small sample of water with a syringe and inject it into a spin disc. The disc is then inserted into the spin lab. In just 60 seconds–boom! Your water test results are sent to any device you have the Pool Shark H2O App installed on. 

No matter how you choose to test, you can still manually add your test results into the Pool Shark H2O App. So we have our test results. Now what do we do? We need to know what to put in and what amount to get the water balanced. Now, you could pull out your EZ Dosing chart and do the math manually, but who has the time for that? Most savvy pool operators utilize a pool chemistry calculator to do the math for them. There are several apps available, but none work as smart as the Pool Shark H2O app.

Why is Pool Shark H2O the Best Pool Chemistry Calculator?

The Pool Shark H20 App uses innovative technology that offers things those other guys don’t. This App uses the LSI to help you dose your water. The Pool Shark H2O app has a pool chemistry calculator built right in to provide water analysis. One of the things that sets it apart from those other apps is that you only have to enter your pool volume and the type of sanitizer ONCE. This is unlike other apps where you have to re-enter this EVERY single test as well as having to enter the desired range. This is a time-waster. We all are very busy and know time is money. The Pool Shark H2O App multi-tasks. It eliminates the need for old fashioned paper log books. Paper logs can go unused, get misplaced, get wet and take up a lot of room to store. Since we are required to keep water test logs for YEARS, just think of all the boxes you have to find room for. The Pool Shark H2O App keeps digital logs of all of your water tests. These logs are available to view remotely, so you don’t even have to be onsite to view the results and make sure your staff are staying on task. This can be especially beneficial if you operate multiple properties. 

With the Pool Shark H2O App giving you the proper chemical dosing using the built-in pool chemistry calculator, it is one less headache for you. After all, what good are water test results if we don’t know how to properly dose our water back into balance? Let’s make all of our lives easier and use the best technology available. The Pool Shark H2O APP also has other perks such as geo-fencing to make sure your staff are doing their jobs. It has the option of custom checklists to help you stay organized. It will even remind you when it is time to change your VGB drain. Did you know that the law requires them to be changed every five years? That can be tough to remember! Let the Pool Shark H2O App do the thinking for you! See you poolside!

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