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The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Logs

Why Do We Keep Swimming Pool Logs? Nearly every commercial swimming pool is required by law to have accurate records of the swimming pool tests performed. These are called “Pool Logs” or sometimes “Swimming Pool Logs”. The frequency of these tests is determined by your local health agency. Some require hourly testing, while others require daily testing. Check with your local health inspection...

How to Lower pH in Pools, Water Parks and Water Features

All aquatic venues are different.  Just like no two pools are the same. They all have one thing in common:  They need to be safe. This includes the quality of the water. Testing and balancing your water is crucial to maintaining clean, clear, and, most importantly, safe for the bathers.

Public Pool Staffing

It has definitely been a crazy couple of years with Covid-19.  Not to mention the fires that happened in chemical factories.  With boats having to be quarantined and docked for 14 days prior to unloading, it’s no wonder we are having supply issues.  These issues include but are not limited to, chlorine and other sanitizers, automation systems, pumps and other equipment, valves or other...

Reopening a Public Pool

Covid-19 has been affecting our lives in every possible area.  Shortages, closures, lack of supply–you name it!  This change of life did not pass over the swimming pool industry.  A lot of our commercial pools and spas were shut down.  Now that things are getting more “normal” a lot of commercial pools are being given the green light to reopen.  What steps do we take to reopen a closed swimming...

How to Maintain a Salt Pool

More and more commercial properties are going with a salt system.  It’s “hip” and actually can be more enjoyable to the bathers.  Most property owners, and maybe even some swimming pool operators, may not realize one very important fact.  A salt pool is STILL a chlorine pool.  You are essentially just “making your own” chlorine.  There are some slightly different maintenance points you will want...

Why Being Able to Calculate the Volume of a Commercial or Public Swimming Pool is Important

We have to factor in a lot of things when taking care of our commercial pools. Equipment and water chemistry are two big ones. But without knowing how many gallons of water our swimming pool has, we cannot make accurate decisions and perform the proper treatment.

At What Price?

So it has been a crazy couple of years with Covid.  Equipment and chemicals were scarce and when some became available, we were all like sharks, snatching as much as we could before it disappeared.  It's crazy.  Now, more than ever people are wanting to put money into their pool and equipment and we can’t get it.

Compliant Commercial Pool Water Testing

We are pool operators,  Water is our world.  We are professionals.  We want safe and healthy water for our guests, clients, and of course our employer.  Did you know we may not only be doing something incorrectly but illegal? (I will hold for your gasps).  I am talking about the proper and compliant way to test the water.  We all know water testing is of the utmost importance in maintaining a...

Public Pool Maintenance

From the designers who draw up the blueprints for a new public aquatic venue to even the lifeguards…we all play a part in being in the line of defense against illnesses and injuries.  These are not only dangerous but can be costly.  We all need to work together to keep that pool, hot tub, water park, or splash pad safe for its bathers, and safe on our bottom line.

Reasons Your Public or Commercial Pool Water Could Be Cloudy

Isn’t it the absolute worst to come to check on your pool and you can’t see the bottom due to cloudiness?  Not only is this illegal for safety reasons (the main drain MUST be visible), but it means something isn’t right with the water.  It also makes the pool unappealing to clients and guests.  There are many reasons this could occur.  Let’s talk about a few.

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