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Published on Dec 15, 2023

Julie Johnson

When one has chosen the career of taking care of commercial bodies of water, we have a lot to be aware of and to take care of. We have to maintain the vessel itself. We have to make sure the equipment is in good repair and functioning properly. We have to make sure all safety features are in place and in good working order. We have to clean the water. We have to balance the water’s chemistry. We have to Test, Test, Test the water. We have to keep daily log sheets of such tests. We have to hold onto these daily logs sheets for years , taking up prime storage space. We are always looking for ways to make our job easier and keep up with the times.

daily pool log sheet

Why are Daily Pool Log Sheets Mandatory in Most States?

Daily pool log sheets are required by law. If someone were to, heaven forbid, become ill and try to blame it on our body of water, we need to be prepared to defend ourselves and that means having legally mandated daily pool log sheets on file and easily accessible. 

Why is Keeping Daily Pool Log Sheets a Challenge?

The old-fashioned way of keeping daily pool log sheets is to write our findings down on pieces of paper. These pieces of paper could always accidentally go unused, get wet, get misplaced, and take up space.

What's an Alternative to Daily Pool Log Sheets?

The newest technology that is available for daily pool log sheets is digital ones. The Pool Shark H2O App is a modern way of maintaining daily pool log sheets. An even more modern way of maintaining not only these sheets, but also our water, is by pairing the Pool Shark H2O App with the LaMotte Spin Touch.

All you do is take a small sample of water in a syringe. You place the test sample of water into a spin disc. You then take the spin disc and place it into the spin lab. Then, just SIXTY SECONDS later, Boom! Your water test results are sent to any device the Pool Shark H2O App has been installed on. Even if your boss won’t go for the Spin Lab at this point in time doesn’t mean you can’t stay up with the times of digital daily pool log sheets. You can manually test the water and enter your results into the Pool Shark H2O App.

With Digital Daily Pool Log Sheets You Get So Much More!

With paper daily pool log sheets, you have to do all the math for dosing manually. This means having to bust out your EZ Dosing chart. This means using a calculator. This means reading the back of all products to determine doses. You can see how this could lead to a lot of human error. Improperly dosing your water not only makes your job harder, but can leave the water a danger! It is our job to have perfectly balanced water at all times. This means less chemical waste and less money wasted. Properly balanced water keeps our vessels and equipment safe as well as our bathers. 

Why Use Paper Daily Pool Log Sheets When You Can Have an Easy-to-Use and Affordable App Take Care of it All?

The Pool Shark H2O App is customizable to your pools. It will take the water’s findings and give out proper dosing instructions based on YOUR actual pool’s needs. Using the most effective way to balance water, which is the Langelier Saturation Index, the Pool  Shark H2O App will determine if your water is neutral, scale-forming or corrosive. It will then give you dosing instructions to try to get your water as close to neutral as possible. Trying to use the LSI manually can cause major headaches and always leaves room for human error.

Pool Shark H2O then stores digital daily pool log sheets without taking up any physical room. It helps save on chemical waste. It keeps the swimmers safe and healthy. If you needed to produce a log from a day, a week, a month or even years ago, you would have access to your digital daily pool log sheets in a heartbeat!

The Pool Shark H2O App also has customizable checklists to help you and your staff remain organized. It has reminders such as when to change your VGB drain covers. It has Geo-Fencing so you can keep track of your employees. Yes, the Pool Shark H2O App is the way of the future! You update your equipment to help maintain efficiency, why not include updating your technology to ditch those useless paper daily pool log sheets and embrace the digital daily pool log sheets? Pool Shark H2O App to the rescue!

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The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

  • Substantial ROI
  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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