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Bacterial Infections from Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

It’s the off season, so indoor pools are all the rage right now. Hot tubs can be used indoors or outdoors. Due to their warm temperatures, they tend to get used all year long. We have many things on our checklist when taking care of an indoor pool or an indoor or outdoor hot tub. We have to maintain the equipment. We have to ensure safety signs and equipment are in place. We have to clean the...

Indoor Pool Air Quality

It’s once again indoor pool season. We may be out of the woods and into a building, but that doesn’t mean we, as pool operators, have any less to do! We still have some of the same worries as caring for an outdoor body of water such as maintaining the equipment, keeping safety equipment up to regulations, cleaning the pool and proper water testing and balance. Proper water chemistry is important...

Lifeguard Lung

It’s indoor pool season! As pool operators, we have a lot to worry about. Some stuff is the same for outdoor pools such as making sure the equipment is functioning properly, making sure all safety equipment is in good operating shape, cleaning the pool, and proper water chemistry. One additional thing we have to worry about is the air quality. Say what? Why would we have to worry about the air...

An Integrated and Automated Commercial Pool Water Monitoring System

Taking care of our commercial bodies of water can be a full-time job. There are so many things on our plate. We have to maintain the equipment. We have to worry about safety, such as ADA chairlifts, signage, handrails and ladders. We have to remove dirt and debris from the water to keep it clean. And, most importantly, we have to balance the water chemistry. Keeping the water chemistry balanced...

How to Drain Your Pool

Why Should You Drain Your Pool? Being in charge of water management comes with a lot of responsibilities. We have to maintain proper water levels, we have to keep an eye on the equipment, we have to worry about signage and safety and, most importantly, we have to maintain proper water chemistry balance. This is key to a healthy swimming pool. It keeps our bathers safe. It protects our pool’s...

How Much Does it Cost to Drain a Pool?

We have a lot on our plates if caring for commercial pools and spas are part of our job. We have to maintain the proper signage and safety equipment. We have to ensure handrails and steps are in good repair. We have to make sure all of our equipment is working properly with no leaks, squeaks or creaks. We need to get it repaired or replaced if necessary. What, in my opinion, is the most important...

Broken Glass in Swimming Pool

It may be our worst nightmare, but it happens. Broken glass in your commercial swimming pool. This is not only a nuisance, but can cause serious injury if someone were to get cut or injured. Broken glass in pool water is almost impossible to visually see! What makes it even more difficult is if the broken glass has turned to shards of broken glass. There are a lot of posts about this online, but...

Pool Contamination Procedures

We have so much to do when it comes to operating our commercial bodies of water. We have to maintain the equipment, ensure proper circulation, maintain safety signs and apparatus, balance water chemistry, and remove dirt and debris from the water. Sometimes we are required to do extra work. For example in the event of vomit or an Accidental Fecal Release (AFR). Do you know what steps to take to...

Does Chlorine Kill Poop in a Swimming Pool?

We have a lot to worry about when it comes to taking care of our swimming pools. We have to net out debris, brush, vacuum, and test, test, test the water, and add the necessary chemicals to balance the water. These are under normal conditions. What if something abnormal happens? We have to be prepared to properly deal with it so that no one gets sick in our bodies of water. Here are some abnormal...

Cyanuric Acid Pool

Pool conditioner. Stabilizer. Two common names for the chemical Cyanuric Acid. Most of us use it unless we live in a State where it is actually illegal to use CYA on commercial bodies of water. I know, right? My mind was blown too. Cyanuric acid is designed for outdoor chlorine or salt pools.

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