The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Logs

Published on May 03, 2022

Jules the Pool Girl

Example of Pool Logs

Why Do We Keep Swimming Pool Logs?

Nearly every commercial swimming pool is required by law to have accurate records of the swimming pool tests performed. These are called “Pool Logs” or sometimes “Swimming Pool Logs”. The frequency of these tests is determined by your local health agency. Some require hourly testing, while others require daily testing. Check with your local health inspection agency to make sure you are on top of the laws and requirements for pool logs.

Health departments require routine testing and logging of test results because they view it as an essential requirement to protect public health. Pools that have lost their chemical balance present all types of risk, including of course spreading disease, but there are also other health factors that are in play that many commercial pool operators aren’t aware of. Of particular risk are pools that have heavy use and turbulence, such as competition pools, teaching pools, and water parks. Of course, no pool owner wants to make anyone ill, but it’s also a fact that pool owners that have had a health incident are soon out of business. 

The point of logging our swimming pool chemical test results in a pool log is twofold. It allows us to see where our water chemistry is and to make the necessary adjustments. By logging these results, we have an accurate record of exactly where our commercial pool was at a given time in case someone were to fall ill.

As a swimming pool operator, you should be quite familiar with the required testing and recording of commercial swimming pools in your state. As a Certified Pool & Spa Operator myself, I, like you, understand the importance. It is not only important to have accurate and consistent pool logs, we have to keep these records for extended periods of time. It is required by your local state agency. How long? Years. Some states require forever. Holy smokes! Where in the heck are we going to find room to store all these pieces of paper? There are multiple options when it comes to your pool logs record keeping.

The Old Fashioned Way: Paper Pool Logs

Some people still use paper pool logs. These are available from a large variety of sources or you can find them online and print your own if you’re ambitious. It’s possible that they do this out of habit or they don’t know that there are pool log apps (like PoolShark) that make the whole process of commercial pool maintenance easier and less expensive, particularly with the cost of pool chemicals like chlorine going through the roof.

Keeping paper pool logs means additional work, the risk of the logs getting wet, lost or damaged. Making sure that everyone has access to where the pool logs are kept and how they need to be maintained can be tough when pool staff tends to turnover. True this method meets all State and government requirements, but it requires you to have to text or call a supervisor with any alerts, for instance, if the pool needs to be treated and the person with the right certifications is not right there. Someone needs to translate the test results into accurate pool chemical treatment, which can take some challenging math, while a pool log app does this for you.

Online Pool Log Sheets Such as Google

This is an advanced way to store your water tests if you and your staff are comfortable creating and managing shared google docs. It has multiple platforms for data entry and the forms are pretty easy to use. Unfortunately, we are still in the same boat of what now? Not only are the sheets limited to personal use, unless you want to fork up the money for a corporate account, but once again, they do NOTHING to help you with the adjustment of the swimming pool water.

DigiQuatics Pool Log App

Once the front runner in technology, DigiQuatics was on the right track. Their app allows for multiple locations, back up info indefinitely, and utilizes the LSI.  The trouble is, that you are still having to manually enter your data. This can be time-consuming.

Generic Pool Log Apps

Sure Apple and Android offer such Apps, but you have such limited ability. I hear the support is not so great. The lifespan of the App itself could be in question. You cannot transfer the data from one device to another. And the worst part, in my opinion, it does not offer specialized dosing instructions or the ability to manage a fleet of pools with a centralized view of the condition of all pools at any moment in time. Because PoolShark is designed for Commercial Pool management, it has features that commercial pool operators need in order to protect themselves against liability, such as the ability to determine if a test result was entered into a mobile device actually physically close to the pool being reported.

Pool Shark H2O Pool Log App

If you are thinking that I was saving the best for last, you would be correct! The Pool Shark H2O is the #1 industry standard when it comes to the complete art of water testing, transmitting data, and providing dosing instructions using the LSI.  And you DON'T have to manually enter the data. Nope, after you run your spin disc the results are sent directly to the device, or devices, of your choice. It is so user-friendly and backed by incredible tech support.

The Pool Shark H2O App even has advanced features such as when to change your VGB drains. It literally tells you step by step what to do if there were to be an AFR (accidental fecal release). The Pool Shark H2O App is CMAHC certified, it’s easy to use, cloud-based storage solution brings you and your team the confidence they need to maintain a beautiful, and most importantly, safe, water venue.

You can literally keep all 100% health department compliant pool logs accessible in your pocket! And your results are logged automatically! 60 seconds. That is all it takes when implementing the Pool Shark H20 with the LaMotte Spin Touch. This offers a complete test for 10 chemicals.

Think of if you work on multiple properties. The Pool Shark H2O app will limit the number of visits you have to make to any given swimming pool facility. Notifications remind the staff when the pool water needs to be tested, and alerts and informs managers and staff when pools have not been tested and results logged, or if they need attention.

Some features also include:

  • Chemical pool log and dosing
  • Custom checklists, notifications
  • Geo-fencing and QR codes
  • Easy onsite health inspector pool logs access.

Basically with Pool Shark H2O, you are improving risk management and reducing liability while maintaining pool logs in a compliant manner. Most importantly, you are keeping your boss happy, your clients happy and most importantly…safe. Pool Shark H20 to the rescue once again. See you poolside!

Need Printable Pool Log Sheets?

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The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

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