Why Property Managers Need Digital Pool Management Systems

Published on May 23, 2023

Jules the Pool Girl

As property managers, we have a lot on our plate. Taking care of a body of water may be one of them. There is so much that goes into maintaining a swimming pool. We need to maintain the equipment. We need the proper safety equipment. We need proper safety signage. We need adequate circulation. Most importantly, we need proper water chemistry and logging.

Pool Management System

Pool Management Systems Give You Proper Knowledge

Some states require that a pool operator be a Certified Pool & Spa Operator. (CPO). Even if your State doesn’t require it, it may be a sound investment to do anyway. If not, we need to make sure we, and our staff, have the knowledge of proper water chemistry.

Poor pool water chemistry can look unsightly, ruin our pool’s surface, ruin our pool’s plumbing, or ruin our pool’s equipment. Did you know poor water chemistry is the number one killer of pool heaters? Having unbalanced water can cause the need for expensive repairs or replacements. These are unnecessary costs. If your water is acidic for an extended period of time, you’ll find yourself needing to replace your heater every 6-9 months!

Poor water chemistry due to lack of knowledge can cause expensive procedures such as draining and acid washing the pool due to an algae bloom that got away from us. Speaking of algae, improper water balance can lead to expensive algae treatments, Having a pool full of algae can create ticked-off clients. Especially on a hot, Summer day.

Not being able to use the pool is aggravating and makes people unhappy. This includes our bosses!

Pool Management Systems Give You Proper Testing

The Pool Shark H2O App can be paired with the LaMotte Spin Touch. The spin touch has a syringe to fill the spin disc, which then gets inserted into the spin touch. In just 60 seconds, the results are sent to any device you have the Pool Shark H2O App installed on.

Not ready to upgrade to the spin touch? That’s okay. You can manually test and enter your results into the APP. By using the Pool Shark H2O Electronic Pool Log Book, you are getting proper chemical dosing with a program that uses the LSI (Langelier Saturation Index). We can keep our water from becoming scale-forming or corrosive. We waste fewer chemicals, saving you money, from improper dosing. Most importantly, we keep our water clear and safe.

Pool Management Systems Help You Manage Multiple Properties

Some of you may be regional or district managers. How can you make sure your staff maintains the proper care of the pool without being on-site? This is where the Pool Shark H2O App can really help.

Since the results of a water test can be viewed from any device, you don’t even have to be onsite to ensure the water is being tested. Hopefully, you have well-trained staff to do the needed chemical dosing. The Pool Shark H2O App also features Geo-Fencing. This feature ensures that teams are actually onsite testing. It simplifies our jobs and provides the needed accountability. We like that. The app also has a corporate portal that allows managers to oversee all the properties they manage in one place. You can stay informed over a district or even over the entire country!

Digital Pool Management System

Pool Management Systems Give You Staff Accountability

Laws require that commercial pool water be tested often. How often depends on the region. In some places it is only once a day while others require it as often as every hour! Staff can get distracted with their other duties such as locked doors, dripping faucets, and lawn maintenance to name a few.

Often, the pools on your properties are an afterthought and a team member may just throw chemicals in without testing, This can not only be dangerous, but very expensive!

Pool Shark H2O does the hard, time-consuming work of calculating the correct chemical dosage with each test…no more guessing and wasted chemicals!

The APP has notifications to remind the team and the manager when it is time to test the water. How cool is that?

The Pool Shark H2O App stores digital logs of all water tests. Logging water chemical test results is the law. If someone were to get ill and blame it on your facility, you have an insurance policy built right into the app to prove your water was well-balanced.  Gone is the need for old-fashioned paper logs which can go unused, get lost, get wet, or take up precious storage space. Pool logs need to be kept for years! That’s a lot of boxes if using a non-digital logging system.

We need to evolve and get with the times of modern technology that will help save us time and money. Having a digital pool management system like the Pool Shark H2O App is just one way we can accomplish this. See you poolside!

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The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

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  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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