Benefits of Using A Pool Chemical Monitor

Published on Feb 10, 2023

Jules the Pool Girl

Pool Chemical Monitor

Taking care of a commercial swimming pool can be an arduous task. There is so much to worry about.  Obviously, it is our job to keep the water safe. We also want clear, sparkling, and inviting water.  It is our job as pool operators to ensure both of these things happen. We have to worry about safety equipment such as ADA lifts, signage, and handrails are in place.

We have to make sure our drain covers are compliant. We have to remove dirt and debris from the swimming pool.  We also have to keep a balanced water chemistry and log our results at all times. Not doing so could result in someone getting sick, someone getting hurt or our body of water being shut down by the health department. These things are all bad dot com.  

Luckily there are things available to help make our jobs a little easier. For example, the Pool Shark H2O App. Not only does this APP give you almost instantaneous results if paired with the LaMotte Spin Touch, but the results are sent, and recorded on your chosen devices. This eliminates the caveman approach of paper log books, which have to actually be used, kept safe, and saved for years!  Even if you are manually testing your water, the Pool Shark H2O APP will give you instant water dosing instructions and keep your logs digitally. This modern technology utilizes the Langelier Saturation Index to ensure well-balanced water at all times. 

Pool Chemical Monitors aka. Pool Controllers are another way to help make your job, and life, easier.  In some regions, they are even required by law. Let’s talk a little bit about what they are, how they work, and how they can benefit you as a swimming pool operator.

What Are Pool Chemical Monitors?

First of all, having pool chemical monitors can be a huge asset to your property.  Some dispense chlorine and some dispense acid. You may want to look into one that does one or both. Again, they may be required by law. This commercial standard can be an integral part of proper water management. A beautiful-looking pool requires our pool chemistry to be spot-on. Two major players are our sanitizer level and our pH balance. These two factors determine whether the sanitizer is more or less efficient. This affects water clarity and also the safety of our clients. 

Did you know the smaller the body of water, the more quickly the chemistry can change? This is why spa operators need to be extra diligent as one can get very sick in a spa. I always remind my spa customers of this fact. Bather load and how much direct sunlight a body of water gets during the day also can rapidly change chemistry levels.

So, in a nutshell, pool chemical monitors and controllers monitor and measure both the sanitizer and pH level in the water at any given moment. Should either level get out of range, the pool chemical monitor can report wirelessly to the PoolShark H2O app and the pool chemical controller will dispense chlorine and/or acid until the body of water is back in range. They are commonly referred to as “sense and dispense” systems. A good comparison would be how a thermostat determines when to kick on your heating or air conditioning unit.

Benefits of Pool Chemical Monitors

What first jumps to mind is a reduction in chemical waste. Since pool chemical monitors and dispensers only dispense the needed amount, we aren’t wasting acid or chlorine. This not only makes our mother nature's footprint smaller, but saves the property money! Saving time AND money? Count me in! 

The second thing that comes to mind is that pool chemical monitors and controllers keep the pH and chlorine in “real-time”. What this means is they are corrected prior to being an issue. When I say issue, I am referring to equipment and plumbing protection and, most importantly, swimmer safety. 

Pool chemical monitors also give you warnings. Some such warnings could indicate other issues such as not having adequate water circulation. It may mean one of your pumps isn’t functioning. This is on top of chemical notifications.

Think of having a pool chemical monitor and controller as being similar to you being on site 24/7 as they work all the time! This helps the water be safer and reduces your daily workload. Win-win, right? Let’s do all we can to ensure a safe and inviting swimming environment while being kick a** at our jobs while doing it. Imagine a pool with the ease of the Pool Shark AND chemical controllers? Wowza.

See you poolside!

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