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Pool Shark H2O: Saving Swimming Pools and Lives

We have all seen the hardships and changes the pandemic has brought. Financial, social, economic, supplies and hospitalizations are well-known facts. But did you know that the pandemic even extended to swimming pools?

Lowering Alkalinity in Swimming Pools

There are many fields we need to test for to ensure clean, and most importantly, safe swimming pool water. We need to check for sanitizer, pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, metals, and salt, if applicable. All of these factors tie together in what is known as the Langelier Saturation Index. While each individual field is important, the overall condition of...

Death By Swimming Pool Air?

The Invisible Monster Hiding in Poor Indoor Pool Air Quality It’s in the water!  It’s in the air! An invisible evil that can harm you short-term and where the long-term effects are not definitively known.  We are talking about chloramines, also known as combined chlorine. Specifically in a natatorium (A swimming pool, typically indoors).  

Why Testing Both Free and Total Chlorine is a MUST for Every Commercial Pool

Managing Commercial Pool Chlorine Operating a commercial or public pool safely requires a bit of in-depth knowledge about pool chemistry. One of the common misconceptions about pool chemistry management is about chlorine. Most people are unaware that there is more than one type of chlorine present in pool water. In this article, we break down the differences and walk through the testing for you.

A Guide to Pool Algae

I am not only a Certified Pool and Spa Operator, but a Certified Algae Prevention and Eradication Specialist. I went to www.cpoclass.com to get my certification and will be referencing the accommodating textbook, “How to Get Rid of and Prevent Swimming Pool Algae”. Both of these are by Rudy Stankowitz.

Pool Log Sheets

We all dislike having to log our swimming pool water test results for various reasons. It is time-consuming. Unfortunately, it is required by law. I am quite surprised to hear how many facilities are still using the old-fashioned technology of paper pool log sheets. These are old hat. They are inefficient, time-consuming and cumbersome. There are other ways.

The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Logs

Why Do We Keep Swimming Pool Logs? Nearly every commercial swimming pool is required by law to have accurate records of the swimming pool tests performed. These are called “Pool Logs” or sometimes “Swimming Pool Logs”. The frequency of these tests is determined by your local health agency. Some require hourly testing, while others require daily testing. Check with your local health inspection...

How to Lower pH in Pools, Water Parks and Water Features

All aquatic venues are different.  Just like no two pools are the same. They all have one thing in common:  They need to be safe. This includes the quality of the water. Testing and balancing your water is crucial to maintaining clean, clear, and, most importantly, safe for the bathers. 

Compliant Commercial Pool Water Testing

We are pool operators,  Water is our world.  We are professionals.  We want safe and healthy water for our guests, clients, and of course our employer.  Did you know we may not only be doing something incorrectly but illegal? (I will hold for your gasps).  I am talking about the proper and compliant way to test the water.  We all know water testing is of the utmost importance in maintaining a...

Reasons Your Public or Commercial Pool Water Could Be Cloudy

Isn’t it the absolute worst to come to check on your pool and you can’t see the bottom due to cloudiness?  Not only is this illegal for safety reasons (the main drain MUST be visible), but it means something isn’t right with the water.  It also makes the pool unappealing to clients and guests.  There are many reasons this could occur.  Let’s talk about a few.

The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

  • Substantial ROI
  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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