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VRBO and AirBnb with Private Swimming Pool

AirBnbs, Vrbos, and Swimply pool owners have a lot of the same concerns as professional pool operators do with commercial pools. AirBnb and Vrbo are apps you as a homeowner can rent out to people for a temporary stay. It is estimated that there are nearly 660,000 listings available for rent in the United States. Homeowners can rent out just a room, guest houses, basements, or entire properties....

Guide to Automatic Pool Chemical Monitors

Taking care of commercial pools takes a lot of time, patience, knowledge, and hard work. We are responsible for the proper operation and safety of the water and the bathers. Our tasks include things like making sure the pool equipment is working properly and repairing or replacing as needed. We need to make sure handrails and ladders are secured. We need to keep our ADA chair lifts working. I...

As a Pool Service Company Owner - Why You Want to Service Commercial Pools

Believe it or not, there seems to be a stigma about servicing commercial swimming pools. Pool service companies want to stick to just residential pool service routes because they are “easier”. Commercial pools require all the same things you do on your residential pools. The pool walls need to be brushed. The water needs to be netted. You need to vacuum. You need to make sure the equipment is in...

LaMotte Spin Touch vs Non-Digital Testing

Pool water testing is a vital process when it comes to keeping pools functioning and safe. Testing recording results into a pool log is not only smart and responsible, but is also required by state health departments. Something pool operators must keep in mind is that the type of testing kit used can make a significant difference in testing results and ease of pool maintenance, and is therefore a...

An Integrated and Automated Commercial Pool Water Monitoring System

Taking care of our commercial bodies of water can be a full-time job. There are so many things on our plate. We have to maintain the equipment. We have to worry about safety, such as ADA chairlifts, signage, handrails and ladders. We have to remove dirt and debris from the water to keep it clean. And, most importantly, we have to balance the water chemistry. Keeping the water chemistry balanced...

Pool Chemistry Calculator

We do a lot to maintain our commercial bodies of water. We have to brush, vacuum, remove debris, clean the filters and the salt cell (if applicable) and keep logs of our results. The most important thing we have to worry about is proper water chemistry. All of these things make a clean, clear, inviting pool. Most importantly, it makes for a safe body of water. We don’t want anyone getting sick...

Why Property Managers Need Digital Pool Management Systems

As property managers, we have a lot on our plate. Taking care of a body of water may be one of them. There is so much that goes into maintaining a swimming pool. We need to maintain the equipment. We need the proper safety equipment. We need proper safety signage. We need adequate circulation. Most importantly, we need proper water chemistry and logging.

Pool Chemistry Test Kits

We, as pool operators and property managers, have a lot we are responsible for. One of the many things could include a swimming pool and/or spa. You may also have a splash pad, fountains, or a water slide. According to the local health agency, these all need to be tested and have the chemicals balanced.

Pool Water Chemistry

We, as pool operators, have a lot to do when it comes to maintaining our bodies of water. Maybe for some of you, the pool is just one of your responsibilities. This gives even more reason to make swimming pool care as easy as possible. Remember, it is easier to PREpare than to REpair.

Managing the Cost of Commercial Pool Supplies $$$

We have all been shocked (no pun intended) at the rise in chemical costs we have seen over the last 2 years. It seems like every week the prices of chemicals go up. This is forcing some of us to have to raise our rates if we do residential pools. As pool operators, raising prices may not be an option. This affects our bottom line and interferes with our profits. We have all the more reason to not...

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