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Published on Jun 13, 2022

Julie Johnson

We all dislike having to log our swimming pool water test results for various reasons. It is time-consuming. Unfortunately, it is required by law. I am quite surprised to hear how many facilities are still using the old-fashioned technology of paper pool log sheets. These are old hat. They are inefficient, time-consuming and cumbersome. There are other ways.

Why Do We Need Pool Logs?

State health codes require us to maintain accurate records of our swimming pool, or other various bodies of water, and chemical test results. The reason is to help make sure the chemicals are within range. If the chemicals are in the desired range, then the likelihood of someone falling ill due to improper chemical maintenance is lowered, if not diminished.

 If someone does fall ill and wants to point the finger at your facility’s body of water–you need to be covered. Pool logs are living proof of where the water chemistry was at any given time. They protect the client because we become, and stay, aware of where our levels are. They protect us because we have proof of having a safe swimming environment from a chemical standpoint.

Paper Pool Logs

The old way of logging our chemical readings is printed out on paper log sheets. This antiquated method requires so many steps. You have to print the logs. You have to keep them in a safe place. You need to make sure you and your team are not only testing the water regularly but writing down the results. Some regions require water testing every hour. That is a LOT of writing.

Let’s talk candidly here. Many of us have been surprised by an inspector turning up. After all, that is their M.O. We then are scrambling to get everything up to code, including our pool logs. You may grab your pool log (if you can find it) and start randomly writing chemical findings. This actually does not fool the inspectors. They can obviously see sharp pencil clearly written at the top, then watch it dwindle down to dull pencil scribbles. 

Paper chemical logs can also easily get misplaced. You have a lot going on. Making sure a clipboard is always put back where it belongs is an easy task to overlook. Then you have to spend precious time looking for it or head to the computer to print out new logs. This wastes ink, paper, and the most precious thing: time.

Water and paper are not friends. You obviously want to keep your log book near the swimming pool. This means keeping it near water. You are constantly running the risk of your paper logs becoming wet and therefore, ruined. D’oh!

Let’s talk about the storage of paper logs. We have to keep our log results for a specific amount of time depending on our state code. In Maryland, for example, they have to be kept for SEVEN years. All I can ask is how many filing cabinets this would require. So we are then dealing with a space issue. What if you have multiple pools? Multiple facilities? Ideally, you should keep the logs until the statute of limitations has run out for any potential lawsuits. This is to protect yourself and your aquatic venue. Those logs can become gold as they are the only proof that your pool was properly maintained. Sadly. paper logs are easily altered so if a lawsuit came up, someone may be tempted to change the readings. Now we are talking about criminal activity! Yikes!

Digital Pool Logs

The newest technology in water chemical reading logs is digital. There are a few out there, but The Pool Shark H20 has all the stops.  By using this digital record keeper, you will be bombarded with features and benefits.

When paired with the Lamotte Spin Touch, the accurate results are automatically sent to your devices. Once you have the results, Pool Shark H2O instantly does the dosage calculations so you can easily make any chemistry corrections to ensure your body of water is safe for your bathers. Let’s not forget, that this is our ultimate goal.

No spin touch, no problem. You can manually enter your results into the Pool Shark H2O and still get the proper instructions to obtain and maintain the LSI you desire.

There is no risk of the logs getting lost or damaged. There is no need to scramble to write in results because The Pool Shark H2O automatically saves all your bodies of water.

It is user-friendly so training your staff to use the APP will be a breeze. 

The Pool Shark H2O has added safety features like what to do in an AFR (accidental fecal release) and even reminds you when to change your VGB drains.

With access to all your pools from a single device, you can have peace of mind that all of your bodies of water are compliant without having to drive to each facility or call and remind your team to write in the paper log book.

By utilizing electronic storage, you can save on physical storage space and save your records for years! It is super easy to pull up past results in case of an incident. The Pool Shark H2O system has just become your insurance policy against undue lawsuits.

As you can see, paper log books are a thing of the past. Pool Shark is not only a thing of the future but is quickly becoming the thing of the present. Pool Shark H2O to the rescue, yet again!

See you poolside!

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The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

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  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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