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Published on Nov 13, 2022

Scott Trafton

PoolShark H2O creates an integrated technology platform that works in unison to easily keep pools clean and safe, less expensive, and foolproof.


Over 25,000,000 Tests Recorded and Counting!


Simplify Pool Maintenance

Stay compliant with health department regulations while shortening the time needed to do a  water chemical test. Dosage calculations are done for your team, minimizing mistakes. 

Keep Your Staff Accountable

Pool logs are kept securely in the cloud, a dashboard and alerts system keeps the status of all pools available to audit at all times. The app geo-location alerts ensures the tester was at the pool.

Reduce Costs

Many pools are either over or under-treated with chemicals. Over-treating wastes costly chemicals. Under-treating leads to chemical imbalances that can be expensive to fix and potentially cause unhealthy swimming conditions.

Help Limit Liability

If your pool team is guessing, you’re spending more than you need to and increasing your liability. Digital pool logs that are locked and stamped with the date time provide better records incase of incident.

Commercial and public pool operators must meet their local health regulations which are often based on the MAHC (the Model Aquatic Health Code). Not meeting these codes can have significant health implications for swimmers and staff.

A significant portion of the MAHC focuses on the chemical makeup of the water in pools, hot tubs, and other aquatic features. Suppose the chemical balance of the water is off, with any chemical being too high or too low. In that case, issues can arise, including diseases spreading, swimmers' and bathers’ eyes burning, the water in aquatic facilities turning cloudy or green, and corrosion or scaling of pool components. Keeping chemicals in their proper ranges is required by health departments to keep pools and spas open and prevent these issues and keep pools running reliably.

Meeting these requirements requires frequent testing and adjustments of pool chemicals. State health codes will require water chemical levels to be tested and recorded in a  pool log as frequently as once per hour as a result.

This level of intensive water chemical testing requires manpower and time. Someone needs to be at the pool running the test, calculating required chemical adjustments, dosing the pool with chemicals, and recording the test results and adjustments in a pool log. The pool log also has to be available at all times to health inspectors to confirm health codes have been met during surprise inspections.

PoolShark H2O now integrates with 2 modern pool chemical management devices to streamline these activities, saving precious labor hours and ensuring that just the right amount of chemicals are used to keep pools in compliance. 


The PoolShark H2O Pool Management Integration consists of:

PoolShark H2O App
LaMotte Spin Touch Digital Pool Tester
Prominent DCM Pool Controller


The PoolShark H2O App

App Chemistry Report





The Pool Shark H2O app keeps all the information, for all your pools, in one place and is available 24/7 from anywhere. It replaces paper pool logs which can be lost or destroyed and must be kept available on-site for multiple years. Unlike paper logs, the Pool Shark H2O app does all the math dosage calculations and water analysis for you, and alerts staff and managers when pools need attention.





The PoolShark H2O App brings it all together to create an integrated commercial pool management platform.

By integrating with the Prominent Controller, it provides a dashboard of controller status and activity in real-time, giving your CPO the information that they need to ensure that chemicals are in balance. Since fewer chemicals need to be added in person, this saves your CPO time attending pools at the poolside.

The PoolShark H2O App also integrates with the Lamotte Spin Touch pool tester, flawlessly automatically logging pool test results and performing the complex calculations necessary to accurately dose the pool with just the right amount of chemicals to bring it back into balance.

This commercial and public pool management platform means that you can be confident that your pools will be clean, safe and compliant, and maintained at the lowest possible cost.


Want to learn more? Book a quick demo to get started lowering your pool maintenance costs!

The LaMotte Spin Touch Digital Pool Tester

A standard commercial pool test kit requires training and careful use to deliver consistently accurate results. Individuals testing pool water need to use different drops or powders to perform what amount to little chemistry experiments. 

The LaMotte Spin Touch simplifies this testing, eliminating mistakes and inaccuracies that can lead to improper pool dosing. The device uses prefilled reagent cartridges with the exact amount required to run chemical tests. You just fill a disc with 3 ml of water, insert the disc into the spin touch and up to ten tests are done in 60 seconds. The LaMotte Spin Touch is NSF/ANSI standard 50 certified and received the highest rating so you can be sure your results are correct.  

Once a water test is complete, the results are sent to the Pool Shark H2O app at the tap of a button where they are added to the pool log and the water analysis and chemical dosages are provided. 

Pool Testing

60 seconds and 3 button taps are all it takes for complete water testing and logging. Logs are kept in the cloud so there are no paper logbooks to keep track of. The App performs analysis and calculates dosing amounts, eliminating calculation errors and keeping pool water within tight parameters. Expensive chemicals are not over-used, saving operating costs.


Digital Pool Tester Guide


The Prominent DCM Pool Controller

The Prominent line of Commercial Pool Controllers is designed to automate the monitoring and control of water chemistry and processes in pools and spas for commercial applications such as schools, gyms, hotels and motels, and multi-family housing. Prominent controllers do the detailed and time-consuming work of frequently testing and dosing the pool water to keep chemicals precisely balanced.

The PoolShark H2O App now integrates with your Prominent DCM pool controller to provide real-time visibility anywhere. This means that the CPO can keep tabs on pool chemistry from a distance and doesn’t have to be at the pool to make the necessary adjustments to pool chemistry. Since pools are kept within strict chemical limits, expensive pool chemicals aren’t wasted trying to bring out-of-balance pools back into the proper range.


Pool Testing App


With this Pool Management Technology Stack:

  • Staff has the app on their phone to streamline tests and stay within health dept requirements while automatically adding those records into your secure online digital logbook
  • Everyone is notified on the account when the pool is out of balance via the PoolShark H2O notification system
  • Everyone can see the condition of all pools from anywhere
  • You lower labor and pool chemical costs


Pool Control System

A dashboard presents the status of all pools in your system so that you can ensure that you aren’t at risk. 


Having remote access to the tested pool chemistry and getting alerts when things move out of balance is important, as an automated system does have failure points. One is if the system is not maintained with the proper supply of chemicals to do its job. 

Pool Shark H2O can be used to easily connect to the automated commercial pool chemical controller remotely, allowing managers and CPOs to make adjustments to chemical levels off-site. It can also add the controller water chemical readings to the pool log alerting staff when pools need attention. The ability for automated controllers to make chemical corrections already saves CPOs significant amounts of time and effort, and removing the need to travel to the controller's location to change its settings further increases efficiency and time savings.

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Digital Pool Tester Guide

The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

  • Substantial ROI
  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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