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Published on May 03, 2021

Scott Trafton

Commercial and public pool operators must keep their pools clean and up to health codes to ensure they stay open for as much time as possible, as this is their business. This can be challenging, with pool and spa regulations being quite specific and strict, requiring a lot of attention from pool owners and operators to keep pools in functioning shape. Particularly for commercial pool operators in charge of more than one pool, and more so still for managers and commercial pool operators (CPOs) in charge of multiple facilities with different locations, staying on top of proper testing procedures and making chemical corrections for each pool can be difficult and time-consuming. 

In most places pool water chemical tests must be conducted four times a day per pool, with data recorded in a pool log and chemical corrections made by a CPO. When dealing with multiple pools, this can take up significant portions of time and effort, leaving little room for other maintenance duties. 

But what if there was a tool that could automate these tasks and save CPOs time and money? Luckily, such a tool exists in the form of automated controllers like the Prominent DCM5. 

Public and Commercial Pool Chemical Controllers & Automation Equipment 

Public and Commercial Pool Chemical Controllers and related automation equipment can make the lives of CPOs and pool employees far easier and less stressful. Prominent DCM5 controllers are one brand that are capable of being controlled via the internet. 

The Prominent pool chemical controller can automatically test public and commercial pool water chemical levels every few minutes and can use these test results to make automatic corrections by adding the right amount of pool chemicals. 

Unfortunately, the testing done by automated controllers can’t replace testing by employees, as these automated tests aren’t accepted by any health departments. Employees are still required to physically conduct water chemical tests and inspect all pools and hot tubs at least twice a day, to ensure Prominent’s automated systems aren't missing a problem that a human employee can identify. 

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Using the Prominent DCM5 commercial pool chemical controller can save time, money, and energy in several ways. 

Employees are put under less stress, as they don’t need to worry as much about testing due to Prominent likely keeping pools in good chemical balance, barring any malfunctions. CPOs save time and energy by removing the need to show up on-site to make chemical corrections, as these can be handled automatically by the Prominent controller. Furthermore, CPOs can save time by being able to make remote adjustments to the controller, eliminating the need to travel to the site. Pool chemicals are also rarely wasted when using a Prominent controller, as the controller keeps pools in chemical balance, provided that the pool chemicals supplying the controller are well stocked. This can save large amounts of money over the course of several years, considering how expensive many of these pool chemicals are.


Prominent DCM 5 Commercial Pool Chemical ControllerProminent DCM 5 Commercial Pool Chemical Controller

Users do need to remain attentive when using automated commercial pool chemical controllers like Prominent DMC5, as issues can quickly arise if the controllers are ignored. Particularly, chemicals MUST remain well-stocked so that the Prominent controller can actually make corrective changes in the pool. If a company simply sets and forgets the controller, the chemicals will eventually run out. If this occurs, the controller will attempt to make chemical corrections, but won’t actually be adding anything to the water. This infamously occurred in the pools at the 2016 Rio Olympics, prompting an employee to make the mistake of adding hydrogen peroxide to the pools that neutralized the chlorine, which then allowed algae to bloom and turned the pools green. 

The expense of an automated commercial pool chemical controller like the Prominent DCM5 Controller can be prohibitive, and means it won’t be an option for every pool owner and operator. For any commercial pool owners who can afford it, it is an excellent option to take some of the responsibility off of the shoulders of employees and CPOs, and can grant peace of mind when trying to keep pools chemically balanced. Automating the process of pool water testing and chemical addition can help prevent human error from causing problems, and problems that have the potential to close pools must be avoided at all costs.

Using Commercial Pool Chemical Controllers With the Pool Shark H2O App

The Pool Shark H2O app is a digital solution to data logging that grants many advantages and benefits that aren’t available with physical data pool logbooks. When using it in tandem with a digital pool chemical controller like the Prominent DCM5, all of the automated tests by the controller will be automatically logged in Pool Shark H2O and stored in the cloud database. 

This allows users to view and access live pool chemical data from anywhere with an internet connection. The organization of data offered by Pool Shark H2O is unmatched, particularly with the volume of data that is generated by an automated controller’s frequent tests.

Pool Shark H2O can also be used to control the automated commercial pool chemical controller remotely, allowing managers and CPOs to make adjustments to chemical levels from a different location. The ability for automated controllers to make chemical corrections already saves CPOs significant amounts of time and effort, and removing the need to travel to the location of the controller to change its settings further increases its convenience and benefit.

When managing public and commercial pools is your business, the top priority must be keeping those pools open and functioning, as that is the only way commercial pools make money. 

Keeping pools open and functional requires keeping them clean and chemically balanced, which is sometimes easier said than done. Fortunately, automated controllers are an excellent tool available to pool owners and operators to help them manage their pools with accuracy and confidence.

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