Florida Health Department Pool Regulations

Published on Feb 26, 2024

Jules the Pool Girl

Florida Health Department Pool Regulations

As commercial pool operators, we have to do a lot of things to not only maintain our bodies of water, but do it according to our State’s regulations. Keeping the water clean is just not enough. Safety is, and always should be, our number one concern. Things that pertain to safety are water cleanliness, secure and safe handrails and steps, a safe surface and intact mastic. Compliant and functional ADA lifts, emergency safety equipment, and correct pool water chemistry. Since they are commercial bodies of water, we also need to correctly log our water chemical test results. This way, you are protected if the health department should come for an inspection or if a bather blames your pool for an illness or injury. Test, test, test that water!

Each State, and sometimes each county, has its own specifications. While there is the MAHC (Model Aquatic Health Code), there are individual specifications for each location. We need not only to follow current regulations, but be aware of any potential changes to remain compliant year after year. 

Florida is one of the States containing the most commercial swimming pools in the country and they’ve updated their regulations recently.

Did you know that there are new Florida Health Department pool regulations implemented requiring new commercial test kit standards? It requires Level 1 test kits, which are digital, to be utilized on all commercial pools. I contacted the Florida Department of Health, but Brad Dalton, the Deputy Press Secretary was unavailable for comment. This regulation will probably hit every county in the State in the near future. Why not get ahead of the law and be more on point with your water tests?

Currently, there are only 3 test kits available that meet this new Florida Health Department pool regulation. They are The LaMotte Spin Touch, eXact iDip®, and Patintest Lumiso Pooltest 6 Photometer.  Only one of these tests everything at once, doing a complete water test in 60 seconds, the LaMotte Spin Touch.  Allow me to introduce you to the modern technology of The Pool Shark H2O App. When paired with the LaMotte Spin Touch, your property will meet the required testing method. Even if you are not required to use a Level 1 digital test kit yet, you’ll want to make the switch. Here’s why. The LaMotte Spin Touch is accurate, fast, and easy to use. All you do is use the provided syringe to take a small sample of water. You then put the water into a spin disc and insert the disc into the Spin Touch and Boom! You have an accurate water test sent to any device you have the Pool Shark H2O App on. Not only will you get fast and precise results, but you will also get the proper dosing instructions. 

Using the most accurate way to balance water, the Langelier Saturation Index, the App is customizable to YOUR pools! No need to waste time reading each product or doing math. Your water will be safe and inviting once balanced using the Pool Shark H2O App. As mentioned above, when paired with the LaMotte Spin Touch, this is the ONLY process that tests all fields at once so you’ll save valuable time with this feature as well. Speaking of features, The Pool Shark H2O App also provides a health department-compliant digital test log. Gone is the old-fashioned way of storing water test results on paper logs which can get lost, get wet, or go unused. You’ll also save space on the storage of old water tests.

Pool Shark H2O just makes life easier. With its customizable checklist and geofencing, you’ll stay organized and on top of your employees. It also gives handy reminders such as when it is time to replace your VGB drains. Whether required or not, The Pool Shark H2O App paired with a LaMotte Spin Touch is the way to go. Want to see how much you can save? Check out our savings calculator!  Pool Shark H2O to the rescue! See you poolside!

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