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Published on Mar 12, 2024

Jules the Pool Girl

Taking care of commercial pool facilities is not an easy task. As commercial pool operators, we have a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. Making sure equipment is working properly and fixing it or replacing it if it were to have issues. This also includes cleaning and backwashing our filters. And what about safety equipment like ADA chair lifts, securing handrails and making sure you have the required life saving equipment like life hooks and buoy rings? Yup. Our jobs too. One of the most important aspects of caring for our bodies of water is the water itself. What does this mean? It means having the proper water balance at ALL times. To do this we need to test, test, test the water. If unbalanced, we need to put in the necessary chemicals to whip it into shape. 


digital pool water tester

Save Time and Money and Reduce Your Risk by Using a Digital Pool Water Tester

A lot of properties test water the old-fashioned way with reagents, which is fine, but then you have to compare colors. Since this is based on interpretation, we always run the risk of over or under-dosing our pool’s water.

Because of this and how time-consuming it is, more and more commercial properties are turning to commercial digital pool water testers. In some regions, these may become the required testing method. States such as Florida are developing stringent new commercial pool regulations as we speak. I guess technically as we read.  Digital pool water testers are available in many styles. Some, like the Water Guru, stay in the water. This can be risky because children (and even adults!) may lift up the skimmer lid and mess with your device. Other commercial digital pool water testers you stick in the water and get a reading. These often don’t test for all the necessary fields. 

The newest technology combines the Pool Shark H2O App with the LaMotte Spin Lab. A spin lab? Say what?  With the LaMotte digital pool water tester system, all you do is take a small water sample with the included syringe. You then inject the water into a spin disc. Spin discs are available in different types depending on what fields you want to test for. The spin disc is then placed into the Spin Lab where it literally spins the water around, developing a colorimetric end result.

This magical process takes only 60 seconds and then viola! You have your test results sent to any device you have the Pool Shark H2O App installed on. Still prefer to test by hand? Not a problem. You can manually add your water test results to the Pool Shark H2O App.

The Pool Shark H2O App then does so much with your water sample, and your entire way of running your pools. The App registers the results and with your customized pool size entered, gives correct dosing instructions. These instructions are based on the most accurate way of water balance known as the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI). Trying to adjust using the LSI manually requires a lot of time that quite frankly, you don’t have. 

The Pool Shark H2O also keeps digital water test logs, easily accessible by anyone on your team who has the App installed. It's perfect for properties where more than one employee tests the water. So say “so long” to old-fashioned paper logs. These types of logs can get wet, misplaced, go unused or be tough to read if someone with sloppy handwriting (I’m guilty) writes down the findings. Since the Pool Shark H2O water test logs are stored digitally, if you were to be inspected or if someone claimed they became ill from your pool, you and your team can easily produce past and present water test results. This keeps you protected and open. There’s even a sign with a QR code you can hang in the pump room, providing access to the log to the health inspectors! 

Nothing can tick off a boss more than a shutdown pool due to ill-kept water tests. Since the records are stored in the app, there is no more need for boxes and boxes of old water tests to pile up. How valuable is your time? I say very. So why not save time and money on wasted chemicals and get ahead of the curve by choosing the Pool Shark H2O App with the LaMotte Spin Lab as YOUR commercial digital pool water tester? Pool Shark H2O to the rescue! See you poolside!

Learn about our Commercial Digital Pool Water Tester Here!


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The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

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