Swimmer's Eye

Published on Jan 11, 2024

Julie Johnson

Safety is our number one priority when it comes to caring for, and maintaining, commercial bodies of water.  At least, it should be. Having the proper safety precautions in place help protect the bathers and the staff. We need to make sure we have all the proper safety equipment such as shepherd's hooks, ADA chair lifts, secure handrails and even trained lifeguards where applicable. Besides drowning, you may be surprised at another major cause of illness and injury : unbalanced water chemistry. 

swimmers eye

Swimmer's Eye

Swimmers can develop major irritation and illnesses if our water is not balanced. CONSISTENTLY! One such infection is known as “Swimmer’s Eye”. Swimmer's eye is one of the most common conditions bathers can develop.How can one get swimmer’s eye? Improper water chemistry issues such as too high a chlorine level, chloramines, and corrosive water. While often referred to as an infection, it’s actually more of an irritation.  Infections include fungi, bacteria or even viruses entering the body, according to Dr. Matthew R. Sharpe. Whereas swimmer’s eye irritation is caused by the pool chemistry. Wearing contact lenses can lead to a more serious infection called Acanthamoeba, which could result in permanent damage!

Symptoms of swimmer’s eye include red eyes, discharge, stinging, blurred vision, burning, swelling of the eyelids and even, in rare cases, light sensitivity. Sounds pretty awful, right? For most folks, the condition of swimmer’s eyes will clear up on its own after a few days. Some home remedies include flushing out your eyes with fresh water, cold compresses over the eyes, and utilizing artificial tears.

How do we prevent this from happening to people? Test, test, test your water! This is the only way you know if your water chemistry is on-point, or balanced correctly. There is a super easy way to test your water often and accurately. The famous Pool Shark H2O App has joined forces with the LaMotte Spin Lab. It is a quick, easy and accurate way to test your water. All you do is take a small sample of water with the syringe and slowly push it into a spin disc. You then just insert the spin disc into the spin lab and Viola! 

Water test results are sent directly to any devices you have the Pool Shark H2O App installed on. Not ready to take the plunge (see what I did there?) to the spin lab? No problemo! You can manually test your water and input them into your Pool Shark H2O App. The Pool Shark H2O App is customizable to all of your bodies of water and provides accurate chemical dosing instructions using the most accurate way to balance YOUR water: The Langelier Saturation Index. No more reading the back of chemicals and trying to do math or busting out your EZ dosing chart. This method is perfect for those of us who may have trouble with water chemistry or just want a more accurate, fast and efficient way.

It gets better. The Pool Shark H2O App digitally stores all of your water test results. Gone are the need for old fashioned paper logs which can get wet, misplaced or worse, go unused. Plus they take up a ton of room to store for YEARS. Heaven forbid the health department pops by or someone claims your pool was to blame, you would have your back covered and easily provide all the water tests required by simply accessing them on your Pool Shark H2O App or the sign with the QR code placed in your pump room. Protect your bathers. Protect yourself. Shutting down pools and lawsuits cost time and money and I doubt our bosses would be very pleased. They have entrusted us to care for the pool, so let’s do it the best way possible. Am I right, or am I right?

The Pool Shark H2O system also has other way cool functions like supporting multiple bodies of water at multiple properties. It has custom checklists to help you stay organized. It has reminders like when your VGB drains need to be replaced. So no more digging for original paperwork or diving in to read the manufacturer’s stamped expiration date. Another groovy function of this user friendly App is Geofencing. Receive assistance checking up on your employees or bring up the latest results for the pool you are currently servicing.

So, whether it’s swimmer’s eye or another illness, or you are at risk of ruining your pool’s surface and equipment due to unbalanced water, we want to prevent it. The modern, easiest and most accurate way to accomplish this is with the Pool Shark H2O App. Pool Shark H2O to the rescue!

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