An Integrated and Automated Commercial Pool Water Monitoring System

Published on Oct 27, 2023

Julie Johnson

Taking care of our commercial bodies of water can be a full-time job. There are so many things on our plate. We have to maintain the equipment. We have to worry about safety, such as ADA chairlifts, signage, handrails and ladders. We have to remove dirt and debris from the water to keep it clean. And, most importantly, we have to balance the water chemistry. Keeping the water chemistry balanced helps protect the pool equipment, the vessel and the bathers. Not having all of these items on point could result in extra money needing to be spent, your pool being shut down or, heaven forbid, someone falling ill or getting injured from your swimming pool.

pool water monitoring system

Testing the water often is a crucial way to avoid damage and unnecessary expenditures. Testing is just one half of the process. Properly dosing and administration of chemicals to adjust the chemicals is equally important. To help with this, commercial pool operator’s everywhere are turning to the modern technology of the Pool Shark H2O App. This App can be paired with a LaMotte Spin Lab for speedy and accurate results. All you do is take a small syringe of sample water and inject it into a spin disc. The spin disc is then inserted into the LaMotte Spin Lab and boom!  In just 60 seconds, accurate water test readings are sent to your chosen devices. Not ready to take the plunge and get the spin lab? That is a-okay. You can manually enter your results as well.  

Why are accurate results and dosing so important? It keeps the water healthy and saves you money on expensive treatments such as algae treatments, acid washes, chlorine washes and premature draining of the vessel. The Pool Shark H2O App is customizable to your various bodies of water. The App uses the best method for balancing pool water, the Langelier Saturation Index. This index takes multiple fields into consideration and determines if the water is neutral, scale-forming or corrosive. Then it gives you proper dosing instructions based on your readings and the size of the pool.

Advantages of a Pool Water Monitoring System

Another cool feature of the Pool Shark H2O App is it rids you of the caveman approach of using old-fashioned paper logs. Your water tests are safely stored digitally, automatically. No need to worry about misplaced logs, wet paper, unused logs or storing boxes and boxes of previous paper logs. The Pool Shark H2O App is the water testing way of the future! Pool Chemical Monitors aka Pool Chemical Controllers are another way to make your life as a pool operator easier. In fact, in a lot of regions they are actually required by law. Pool water monitoring systems can become a huge asset to your property.Some dispense chlorine and some dispense acid. You may want to shop around for one that does both. Again, this may be required by law and can become an integral part of proper pool water maintenance. Beautiful, healthy looking water requires our pool water chemistry to be on point. Two major fields are our sanitizer and our pH. Having these in range determines the efficiency of our sanitizer and therefore the safety of our bathers.

Why an Integrated and Automated Commercial Pool Water Monitoring System is Important

Did you know the smaller the body of water, the more quickly the chemistry can change? This is why spa operators need to be extra diligent as one can get very sick in a spa. I always remind my spa customers of this fact. Bather load and how much direct sunlight a body of water gets during the day also can rapidly change chemistry levels. So, in a nutshell, chemical controllers monitor and measure both the sanitizer and pH level in the water at any given moment. Should either level get out of range, the controller will dispense chlorine and/or acid until the body of water is back in range. They are commonly referred to as “sense and dispense” systems. A good comparison would be like how a thermostat determines when to kick on your heating or air conditioning unit.

When I think about the benefits of pool water monitoring systems and its benefits, the first thing that comes to mind is a reduction of chemical waste. Since these “sense and dispense” systems only release the proper amount of chlorine or acid, you are not wasting chemicals. The second thing that comes to mind is that chemical controllers keep the pH and chlorine in “real time”. What this means is they are corrected prior to being an issue. When I say issue, I am referring to equipment and plumbing protection and, most importantly, swimmer safety. 

Some pool monitoring systems also give you warnings. An example of a warning would be improper circulation, which could be indicative of one of your pumps being down.

Advantages of An Integrated and Automated Commercial Pool Water Monitoring System

Pool Monitoring systems work in “real-time” and are similar to you being on the property 24/7.  When paired with the POOL SHARK H2O App they cut down your workload, cause you to work more efficiently and help you have beautiful, sparkling water. This makes us, our bathers and our bosses happy! Pool Water Monitoring Systems and Pool Shark H20 to the rescue! See you poolside!

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