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Why Property Managers Need Digital Pool Management Systems

As property managers, we have a lot on our plate. Taking care of a body of water may be one of them. There is so much that goes into maintaining a swimming pool. We need to maintain the equipment. We need the proper safety equipment. We need proper safety signage. We need adequate circulation. Most importantly, we need proper water chemistry and logging.

Pool Chemistry Test Kits

We, as pool operators and property managers, have a lot we are responsible for. One of the many things could include a swimming pool and/or spa. You may also have a splash pad, fountains, or a water slide. According to the local health agency, these all need to be tested and have the chemicals balanced.

Cost of Recreational Water Illness

We as pool operators have a lot on our plates. Many of you have multiple properties. Many of you have job requirements other than maintaining the pool. Safety is our number one concern. What happens if someone claims to have gotten ill from your body of water? We need to be protected. This comes from proper water chemistry and proper logging of results.

How Often Should Public Pool Water Be Tested?

As commercial pool operators, you have a lot on our to-do lists. Some of you manage multiple bodies of water. Some of you take care of the entire property, not just the swimming pool. You are required to be compliant with local health codes so that no one gets hurt or sick, which is most important. You also don’t want your body of water to be shut down.

Pool Health Department Regulations

We, as pool operators, have a lot to worry about when it comes to our swimming pools. We have to keep the chemicals balanced. We have to follow safety regulations. We have to test and log our results. This can be a lot especially if taking care of the swimming pool is not our only responsibility and if we manage multiple properties. As always, safety is our number one priority.

Commercial Pools

We, as pool operators, take care of what are known as “Commercial” pools, spas, splash pads, and water parks. Just what makes them commercial? We know we have a lot to do to maintain these bodies of water. We have to keep them safe. That is our number one priority. We have to keep them compliant with local health department regulations. This includes things like safety equipment, proper signage,...

Automatic Pool Chemical Dispensers

We, as pool operators, have so much to look out for when it comes to maintaining our bodies of water. Especially if we manage multiple properties. We have to keep the pool area safe. This includes any ADA equipment, proper signage, and emergency contact info. It means making sure we have a VGB-compliant drain and that it is less than 5 years old. We need to make sure our handrails and ladders are...

Managing pH and Alkalinity in Pools

We all know how important water chemistry is in our bodies of water. It helps protect the pool’s surface, plumbing, and equipment. It makes the pool look beautiful, clear, and inviting. The most important part is it keeps our bathers safe. Oh! Let us not forget it keeps our bosses happy as well.

Pool Chemical App

We have a lot to do to take care of our swimming pools. For some operators, they may have other jobs on the property that they are responsible for. Or, some pool operators manage multiple properties. Whatever the case, we want our jobs to be as simple as possible, right? Let’s talk about one way you can simplify your job and your daily experience.

Pool Water Chemistry

We, as pool operators, have a lot to do when it comes to maintaining our bodies of water. Maybe for some of you, the pool is just one of your responsibilities. This gives even more reason to make swimming pool care as easy as possible. Remember, it is easier to PREpare than to REpair.

The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

  • Substantial ROI
  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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