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Guide to Pool Maintenance Log Books

Why Use a Pool Maintenance Log? Pool maintenance logs are used to keep track of pool water chemistry such as the levels of chlorine and pH in the water. These logs are very important and ensure that the pool water is being kept in good condition for guests. Auditing past pool maintenance logs can help show trends for preventing expensive equipment malfunctions and other potential maintenance...

Guide to Public Pool Testing Requirements

Why is Testing Public Pool Water Important? Public swimming pools are a place where many families and communities can come together to enjoy a fun and relaxing day. Behind the scenes, however, maintaining a public swimming pool is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Keeping track of pool testing data and maintaining the proper chemical balance is necessary for healthy pool water. When pool...

2021 Chlorine Shortage Will Probably Affect Commercial Pool Operators

In the coming summer of 2021, there could be a severe, unprecedented shortage of some of the most popular chlorine products on the market. Rumors from pool supply store owners suggest that many stores could be entirely out of dichlor and trichlor chlorine tablets by the end of May. Dichlor and trichlor tablets are chlorine products primarily used by residential pool owners, as they are...

Commercial Pool Chlorine Management

Commercial pool chlorine management can be tricky in any case, and when the pool is indoors, getting it right is even more important. That's because the pool affects the air quality at indoor pool facilities. For many, when the seasons' change or the weather is unfavorable, swimming isn’t considered an ideal activity for exercise or recreation.

The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC)

When health departments and local governments enforce requirements and regulations for pools and other water features, what do they base their codes on? When pool and pool product designers need to ensure their products are safe and will be approved for public use, what safety standards must their products meet? In the past, the answer to these questions may have been complicated and unclear,...

Borates in Pools

Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, and disodium tetraborate is a common and cheap household product that is known for its use as a cleaning agent. It comes in the form of a chalky, white powder, and is a type of borate that is sometimes used to assist in pool management and maintenance. Using borates in pools brings several benefits, including stabilizing pH levels,...

Public and Commercial Pool Chemical Controllers

Commercial and public pool operators must keep their pools clean and up to health codes to ensure they stay open for as much time as possible, as this is their business. This can be challenging, with pool and spa regulations being quite specific and strict, requiring a lot of attention from pool owners and operators to keep pools in functioning shape. Particularly for commercial pool operators...

 Free, vs Combined vs Total Chlorine - A Guide for Commercial or Public Pool Operators

When performing chemical tests of pool water, one of the most important chemical levels to measure and make note of is chlorine. Chlorine is put in commercial or public pool water for the purpose of sanitation and is a vital chemical when it comes to keeping pools clean. Without proper chlorine levels in the pool water, pools can offer a bad or even unsafe user experience. 

Commercial Pool Test Kits

For commercial pool owners, pool maintenance is one of the pillars of their business. When pools are your business, one of your top priorities must be keeping the pools clean and up to health codes to ensure they stay open for as much time as possible. This can be challenging, with pool and spa regulations being quite specific and strict, requiring a lot of attention from pool owners and...

The difference between a Digital and Paper Pool Log

A crucial part of pool water testing and maintenance is the logging of data. Pool logs with testing data are required to be kept on file by many states and their health departments. Traditionally, testing data is logged in physical paper log books, but this method of data logging is becoming outdated and can be quite flawed. Modern alternatives include digital data logging, which can offer a...

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