Public Pool Maintenance

Published on Feb 21, 2022

Julie Johnson

Public Pool Maintenance

From the designers who draw up the blueprints for a new public aquatic venue to even the lifeguards…we all play a part in being in the line of defense against illnesses and injuries.  These are not only dangerous but can be costly.  We all need to work together to keep that pool, hot tub, water park, or splash pad safe for its bathers, and safe on our bottom line.

Many service companies are sending letters out this year with price increases due to the unprecedented influx in costs of chemicals and equipment.  Now, more than ever, we need to avoid additional costs at any expense. (Pun intended!)

Commercial Pool Chemical Balance

Chemical balance is the most important part of keeping a public body of water safe.  We do this by testing, testing, testing.  The more we test our public pool, the more likely we are to have water that is not only comfortable but safe.   One can get very sick from improperly treated swimming pool water.  There are many water-borne diseases that can stem from unproperly treated swimming pool water.

We have to make sure we always maintain a sanitizer level of at least 1 PPM.   We need to make sure our sanitizer is not too high either.  This number varies from region to region and the CDC may be making some changes in the near future.  Make sure you are up to date with your county’s guidelines.

Not only properly treating the water is important, but public swimming pools require accurate and current logging of findings.  This is not only the law but will protect you in the event someone claims they became ill after swimming in your public pool.  With the Pool Shark H20 App, we not only get our water’s results send directly to our device with treatment instructions, but it keeps a digital log of every test we perform,  Running a public swimming pool has you jumping through enough hoops without having to write down water test findings on an old fashioned paper pool log.  Especially in regions where water tests, at least for sanitizer, need to be performed as often as every hour.  The Pool Shark H20 App helps you accomplish this with ease.  It even has instructions on how to handle an AFR (accidental fecal release) and keeps a record.

Public Pool Safety/ADA

Part of our job as the aquatic operator of a public swimming pool is maintaining the safety equipment such as dive markers, warning signage, emergency contact numbers, handrails, and life-saving equipment such as shepherds hooks, life rings, and throw rope.  Lifeguards may also be required.

We need to keep our ADA equipment up and running so all people can enjoy our public pool.  A public pool could get shut down, for instance, if the battery in your chair lift is dead.  We always recommend keeping an extra one on hand.  I know they are pricy, but so is losing the revenue of having your pool shut down until it is repaired.  We are required to have VGB certified drains to prevent encryption.  Did you know the Pool Shark H20 App reminds you when it is time to replace your drains?  How cool is that?

Pool Maintenance Equipment

We have to also maintain our equipment.  Sure there is normal wear and tear, but did you know that improper water chemistry is the number 1 destroyer of swimming pool equipment?  Testing the water often and viewing the results and dosing instructions on your Pool Shark H20 App keeps both the water AND your equipment safe.  With today’s prices, the last thing we need is to prematurely replace a heater or pump. Am I right, or am I right?

Economical Public Pool Operation

Whether it's spoken or implied, our role as the operator of a public pool is to keep operating costs at a minimum.  We are already going to have to pay a ridiculous amount more for chemicals, supplies, and equipment that we would need under normal circumstances.  We want to avoid having to spend additional money on chemicals, drains, acid washes, algae treatments, and other costly expenditures.  We want to have our entire staff on the same page as far as water chemistry.  Since the Pool Shark H20 app allows your water test findings to be accessible from multiple devices, its Pool Shark H20 to the rescue again.


Last, but not least, we want our public pools to be fun!  This means they need to remain open, of course.  This means properly balanced water and working equipment so the local inspectors don’t put up the yellow tape until the situation is corrected.  Having bathers swim worry-free that they will contract a deadly disease is priceless.  Keeping the water clarity is not only legal but esthetically pleasing to your guests.  Getting rid of chloramines and proper pH and alkalinity keeps the water comfortable for the occupants.  These findings, and more, are available to be viewed, and adjusted, through your handy Pool Shark H20 App. 

For more on Public Pool Maintenance, see our article on a Public Pool Maintenance Checklist!

See you poolside!

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