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Published on Mar 31, 2021

Scott Trafton

Pool maintenance plays a vital role in keeping pools in good operating condition and in compliance with  health codes. Unfortunately, it can be quite a difficult task at times, requiring daily testing to check water chemical levels in the pool, and frequent adjustments so that the chemicals stay in the acceptable range. Particularly when using non-digital testing methods and data recording software, it can be so time consuming that it is too much to handle for many pool owners and managers.

Pool management companies are one solution to facilitating pool maintenance. These companies can be used to outsource pool maintenance work to an off-site agency, taking the responsibility off the hands of the pool owner or site supervisor. Pool management companies can also bring peace of mind, as they are specialized professionals whose sole business is ensuring pools are in chemical balance and adhering to local safety codes.

If used, pool management companies will come to a pool at least twice a week, if not daily, and will take water tests and make chemical adjustments to ensure pools stay within regulation limits. This can be very convenient for pool owners and managers, particularly if there is no one on staff who is CPO certified, or if there isn’t enough time for staff to maintain the pool properly.

Unfortunately, the services provided by pool management companies can be expensive. Particularly during the current economic downturn due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hotels and other pool owners have been hit hard, possibly making it difficult to justify the costs of hiring a pool management company. Still, pool owners must find a way to keep their pools maintained, meaning an alternative solution is required. 

Another Option for Pool Operation Management

Using the LaMotte Spin Touch and Pool Shark H2O app are the next best option if a pool owner can’t afford a pool management company. The LaMotte Spin Touch is the best digital tester on the market, offering an NSF testing accuracy of L1 that is far more precise and accurate than non-digital testers. It also exceeds the speed of non-digital and most other digital testers, as it can perform a test of 10 chemicals using a water sample in under a minute. It also has unmatched ease of use, as a user needs only a syringe of water to inject into a testing disk, which they can then insert into the device. When LaMotte Spin Touch has performed all of its tests, users can easily transfer testing data via Bluetooth to the Pool Shark H2O app.

After the Pool Shark H2O app has conveniently received this data from the LaMotte Spin Touch, it protects this data, not allowing it to be modified once the transfer is complete. This can prevent both accidental modification and data tampering, ensuring that testing data remains accurate all the way through the process. Pool Shark H2O then logs data in a secure cloud database, allowing users to easily access testing records later, without taking up the space that physical pool logs take up. The cloud database is also CMAHC Certified and 100% health department compliant, meaning they can be used during health inspections to prove to the inspectors that the pool is within compliance. Best of all, the Pool Shark H2O app performs instant calculations for the user that will identify the exact amounts of chemical additions needed to keep a pool in balance. This minimizes the chance of user error, taking difficult calculations out of their hands and giving them clear and precise chemical dosage amounts for each chemical to add.  

Pool Log Book App

The combined use of Pool Shark H2O and the LaMotte Spin Touch can allow anyone to test water chemicals like a CPO. These tools make pool water testing and maintenance far easier and less time consuming, making pool management as a whole far more manageable than before. Pool owners and head maintenance personnel can even pass testing off to non maintenance employees thanks to the ease of testing. Be aware, a CPO certified staff member is likely still required to add chemicals to a pool and to be within 20 minutes of a facility while the pool is open. Check with your local health department guidelines for details. 

During the current economic downturn and the resulting tight budgets, hiring a pool operations management company may not be possible. No matter who is conducting pool water testing, they will be better equipped with Pool Shark H2O and the LaMotte Spin Touch at their disposal. Every employee is far more capable of proper pool maintenance, possibly even making a pool operations management company unnecessary. Particularly in the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, pool staff may have been let go due to financial strain, and may still be reduced from pre-pandemic numbers. This requires the remaining employees to work as efficiently as possible at maintaining the pool properly. With Pool Shark H2O and the LaMotte Spin Touch, this should be a far less daunting task.

Digital Pool Tester Guide

The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

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  • Guides and Practices
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