Commercial Pool Operators Need a Digital Pool Tester - Here's Why

Published on Mar 01, 2021

Scott Trafton

Why a Digital Pool Tester for Your Commercial Pool?

Managing commercial pools is a demanding task. Pool management can dominate large amounts of a commercial pool owner’s time, attention, and in some cases, capital expenditures. The Pool Shark H2O app, when combined with a digital pool tester, aims to rectify this by completely changing the way commercial pools are managed and maintained. 

Traditional methods of pool management and chemical testing involve manual measurements using testing strips and liquid testing kits, manual calculation and recording the results in physical documentation. The Pool Shark H2O app can replace the physical documentation, and the benefits of the app can be experienced further by using it in tandem with a digital pool tester.

A Digital pool tester, like the LaMotte Spin Touch replace the strip and liquid test kits, which are time consuming testing methods and can prove to be inaccurate in the hands of inexperienced testers. The benefits to using a digital tester can be found in three main areas: Ease of use, speed and accuracy.

Lamotte SpinTouch - Digital Pool TesterLaMotte Spin Touch Digital Pool Tester


A Commercial Pool Digital Pool Tester Must be Easy to Use

To conduct a water test using the LaMotte Spin Touch digital pool tester, one syringe of water is collected from the pool or jacuzzi and is injected into a disk, and the disk is placed in the device. In under a minute, ten different water tests can be done simultaneously with the single water sample. Once the tests are complete.



An Easy to Use Digital Pool Tester Operates like This


Pool Log Book App

A Commercial Pool Digital Pool Tester with the Pool Shark H2O App Eliminates Pool Log Books

Spin Touch can instantaneously transfer data to your pool log in the Pool Shark H2O app over Bluetooth. Test results are immediately logged in the app with information about the location, time and date of the test. Pool Shark H2O then uploads the data to its secure cloud database, which allows these results to be viewed by authenticated off-site employees and managers.


Digital Pool Tester Connected to AppWIth the Pool Shark H2O App Connected via Bluetooth to the LaMotte Spin Touch - Tests are Automatically Logged


A Commercial Pool Digital Pool Tester with the Pool Shark H2O App Does the Calculations for You

Additionally, calculations for corrections in pool chemical levels are done instantly in the app, which provides the staff with the exact dosage amounts needed, for each chemical, to keep the chemicals balanced. These automated calculations prevent human error from entering the equation due to erroneous math, and dramatically speeds up both the calculation process and addition of chemicals to the pool.


App Chemistry ReportPool Shark H2O App Showing Pool Chemistry Correction Calculations


A Commercial Digital Pool Tester Speeds up Tests and Reduces Labor Costs

As mentioned before, the LaMotte Spin Touch can conduct tests for ten chemicals in under a minute. Non-digital measurement methods can take much longer, with some requiring up to 18 minutes to conduct. Additionally, non-digital tests and even some older digital testing methods can only test for one chemical at a time, which can stack up the time spent on testing even further. Pool Shark H2O can also help save time by decreasing the time spent calculating how much of each chemical needs to be added to the pool. With a digital tester and Pool Shark H2O used in tandem, time savings can add up quickly.

In the short term, switching to a digital tester like the LaMotte Spin Touch can allow employees to devote more time and attention to other duties, such as lifeguard or groundskeeping duties. Long term, this can save massive amounts of time, saving money on labor hours and increasing productivity among employees. 


We Often Get Asked, What's the Accuracy of a Digital Pool Tester vs a Standard Pool Chemical Test?

Using non-digital testing methods like strip or liquid testers can give approximate chemical levels in the pool, but can leave plenty of room for error. Furthermore, without an app like Pool Shark H2O, employees doing their own calculations can lead to significant human error entering the equation. This can be the result of erroneous math, but can also sometimes be attributed to employee carelessness or laziness due to stress or exhaustion from other duties.  Employees can sometimes hurry through the testing and calculation process, and can even fudge the numbers to get the job done more quickly. If this occurs, the results can be extremely costly, including pools falling out of chemical balance, and possibly needing to be drained, cleaned and refilled with water and expensive chemicals.

These issues can be avoided by using the LaMotte Spin Touch in tandem with the Pool Shark H2O app. The LaMotte Spin Touch offers unmatched accuracy in testing, minimizing error by recording exact chemical levels. The Pool Shark H2O app can conduct precise calculations that take the process out of the hands of employees, saving time and increasing accuracy of calculation. Used in tandem, they can revolutionize the way pools are managed, setting new standards for pool cleanliness and chemical balance, all while saving massive amounts of time and money. To learn more about the LaMotte Spin Touch and see our exclusive offer, visit our website .

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The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

  • Substantial ROI
  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
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