Easily Support Multilingual Staff at your Pools

Published on Mar 21, 2022

Scott Trafton

managing commercial pool staff

The main goal of the Pool Shark H2O system is to make pool maintenance easier, faster and safer for everyone. Depending on where your facility is located it is very likely some of your staff have different native languages. In order to make pool maintenance easier for everyone, and avoid confusion in translations, we have translated the Pool Shark H2O system to support the English, Spanish and French languages.  

Just tap on the corresponding flag in the left menu or login page and the app will be translated into that language for the user.  

Commercial pool staff management

All of the system-level content will be translated into the requested language for your staff members potentially avoiding confusion and making pool chemical logging easy for everyone. Please note, any information added by your staff or administrators to set up the system will not be translated.

Commercial pool staff english as a second language

If your staff share a device, no problem! Just tap on the button to open the left menu if it’s hidden, and click the corresponding flag to have the Pool Shark H2O system translate the app into their preferred language. It’s that simple.

Pool Log Book App

The benefits of implementing Pool Shark include:

  • Substantial ROI
  • Better Water Conditions
  • Improved Guest & Customer Satisfaction
  • Plug and Play Ease of Use
  • Stronger Risk Management & Reduced Liability
  • Guides and Practices
Commercial Pool Software

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